Sunday, June 19

Jyeahh, not everyone can get what they want? but at least for this is the opportunity for someone to have it, right? why do you want must be a barrier to hold the thing? a sin if we want the thing?
okayy, I understand now. perhaps physical characteristics possessed by preventing him to have what he wants right. why must you choose to have something? compulsory to have it all
Ohh, jyeahh. I forgot about. human right? they look at properties, appearance, and the world is not happy to have it right? jyehahjyeahh, and man also is to be desired not to be
I am fed up with all kinds of human behavior that do not consider what is desired by others. I am fed up with people who are not concerned with the hearts of others, I am fed up with all this. okayy is a hurt enough to harp what he wanted, and please do not have another
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