Saturday, April 16

Secret Admired ^^


Now IM Sure 
i already falling love with you S
seriously , around my time i always remember you

dont know why , but i know that a LOVE

Five Thing I LOVE About You

  1. You 're So Handsome * for me Jyeahh 
  2.  You look so Cute * for me Jyeahh
  3.  You always infront if im Need you * event non voice
  4.  Ohh My ! You Look Me Like You Look TS oww
  5. You can make me always SMILE like this XD just becouse im look at you

Two Thing I Hate About You

  1.  You always feensie in front me * CANNOT CANNOT
  2.  So arrogant . * CHOYY CHOYY
I dont what is the special have you
but the most i know all my time 
im pray you can be mine 
as what i want dude :[

Thanks for the time for read my entrie :D